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Account Terms: Due by 10th of month. Statement will be mailed on 26th of month.

The "Customer" as indicated on the attached application intends to purchase goods and services from Bluegrass International on open account and agrees in consideration of the credit extended by Bluegrass International to Customer to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Neither Bluegrass International nor the customer shall have any obligations to sell or purchase or continue to sell or purchase goods and services pursuant to this agreement.

Bluegrass International agrees to mail the Customer at the address set forth on the credit application, statements for each purchase, and unless Bluegrass International is notified within thirty (30) days after the mailing of the statement, it shall be deemed to be correct and accepted as rendered. The Customer specifically agrees to pay to Bluegrass International the amount shown due on the statement by the 10th of the month after purchase is made and any part not then paid will become delinquent immediately. The Customer agrees to pay a DELINQUENCY CHARGE computed by a periodic rate of 1.5%, which is the annual rate of 18%. Delinquency charges may be avoided by paying the entire amount due within the above terms.

The Customer agrees to waive venue in the event Bluegrass International is required to maintain legal action to enforce the provisions of this Open Account Agreement and consents to Bluegrass International bringing such action in Scott County, Kentucky. Further, the Customer agrees to pay reasonable collection costs and attorney’s fees in the event Bluegrass International retains a collection service or an attorney to enforce any of the obligations hereunder.

This Open Account Agreement will be null and void if customer makes any changes to this document. The Application for Convenience Account will not be processed if this document is not accepted in its entirety.